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Solidifying our customer relationships

Customer Service | Solidifying our customer relationships At BMIC, we believe that if product quality is one side of the coin, then customer service must be the other side of it; they go hand-in-hand to complete your experience with us. Whether you’re simply enquiring about a product or requesting support for a purchase you’ve made, our customer service staff is readily available and highly trained to handle all your requests as swiftly as possible. It is their broad range of skills and expertise that allow us to offer you such a vast range of services, delivered professionally and efficiently. Maintaining total customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim, which is why BMIC’s customer service team will gladly provide you with high levels of technical assistance and support throughout the entire process from enquiry to product delivery. In hopes of turning complainers into advocates, BMIC continuously invest in its support team to improve further and deliver better. Support at BMIC is there to listen to clients’ complaints, issues or enquires and take them step by step through to problem solving to reach their satisfaction.