Eng. Samir Sabry, BMIC's Managing Director words to World Cement Magazine

Eng. Samir Sabry, BMIC's Managing Director, Writes for World Cement on the Difficulties of Building a Cement Plant During a Revolution, in which he relates the difficulties associated with building a cement plant during the mass uprising of 2011, and the solutions devised to overcome them.

 “Building Materials Industries Company (BMIC) is a typical cement plant that was built under EPC contract procuring equipment from the largest OEMs in Europe and built over a period of three years – the normal time frame for such plant. However, what makes BMIC special is that it is not just a user of machinery, but rather a developer and problem solver. When put in the context of a cement plant construction project undertaken amid the popular mass uprising that swept a nation in 2011, the ingenuity of its management – and the scale of its achievement overcoming obstacles – comes into full perspective.”…..Read more.... 




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