Honouring of the Ministry of Manpower’s leaders in Assiut

According to BMIC’s special relations with several Assiut governmental authorities, the company sponsored the honoring of the Ministry of Manpower’s leaders dated December 8th 2015, inviting Mr. Hassan Hashem, Assiut’s Undersecretary of the Ministry of Manpower, and Mr. Soliman Shahata, Assiut’s Director of Industrial Safety.

The celebration was attended by several leaders of Manpower Directorate and Assiut’s industrial Safety Administration, and included a speech by Eng. Ahmed Mahmoud and Mr. Badrat Moustafa, emphasizing the collaboration between BMIC and Manpower and Industrial Safety Administrations and their previous efforts. The event was organized by BMIC’s Professional Safety & Health Administration in cooperation with the plant’s Administrative Department.

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