About BMIC | Cementing the Future of Construction

Since its establishment in 2007, BMIC (Building Materials Industry Company) has been gathering the necessary experience, professionalism, and resources to become a major producer of building and construction material. BMIC was founded with investments exceeding EGP 2 Billion. BMIC is a subsidiary company of the Egypt Kuwait Holding (EKH) which is one of the MENA region’s leading investment companies with a diversified portfolio of investments that spans the region in sectors that include fertilizers and petrochemicals, energy, insurance, manufacturing, information technology, transport and infrastructure. 

Specializing in cement manufacturing, BMIC currently serves the market with high-quality Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) but has growth and expansion plans to futuristically produce various types of grey Portland cement, clinker and related products such as cement bricks and ready-mix concrete. Strategically located in Assiut, BMIC’s plant is in close proximity to the natural resources required as raw materials for the production of our quality cement.Using the highest standards provided by German KHD, the BMIC plant was built to utilize the latest equipment in cement plant technology and has commenced production and marketing of its products in the Egyptian market in May of 2012.