Chairman Word | 

As part of EKH’s Group, and as one of the latest additions to our network, BMIC is an ambitious, potential-filled cement company; one that has been introduced into a well-established cement market in Egypt.

Thanks to a group pf talented employees and technical expertise, BMIC is well on its way to acquire not just impressive results and returns, but more importantly great value to customers and leading positions in the market.

As a holding company, EKH’s role is to provide the necessary back up and support required boosting BMIC performance and maintaining a strong corporate structure.

We are doing this by offering employees a climate of responsibility, appreciation and respect, enabling everyone to develop their full potential and to foster a culture that enables BMIC’s team to implement our vision step by step.

With challenging tasks ahead of them, BMIC is well aware of its capabilities to overcome them, forging ahead with full force. They have a passionate vision, one that contributes in building a stronger, better Egypt.