Health and safety | Working Safely towards Success

We are committed to developing culture of awareness and responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of our employees. We constantly take the necessary precautions to minimize the exposure of our employees and the residential areas nearby our plants to environmental, health or safety risks by applying safety measurements during our operations.

Our ambition is to achieve excellent operating performance with zero harm by following the below procedures:

  • Continuously monitor and measure all operations and activities for which potential health and safety hazards exist.
  • Provide a safe workplace and working conditions for all personnel
  • Provide the necessary instructions, trainings, and supervision related to the tasks performed, the hazards identified and the working environment
  • Ensure that all personnel are well aware of the potential hazards to which they may be exposed and the measures to be taken in order to control or avoid those hazards
  • BMIC provides adequate financial and human resources, employees training and awareness raising to facilitate continuous improvement in environmental performance