Cement Services | Optimum Delivery

A fine product is not complete without optimum delivery of it, to ensure it reaches its destination in perfect shape, form and condition. That is why at BMIC, we have a dedicated Logistics and Delivery Department assigned to accomplish this mission. Providing the necessary logistical support to our business units as well as our clients, BMIC puts global standards, ensuring efficient delivery and seamless business continuity. To obtain such results, we follow through with the following procedures and benchmarks:

  • Fast Delivery: Punctuality is a top priority that we cannot compromise. Clients that have put their trust in us can rest assured that their request will be delivered as swiftly as possible – keeping you right on schedule and your business cycle running.
  • Informing the client: Our logistics team keep you informed via SMS with the exact time of delivery, location, quantity of cement to be freighted, and any other shipment details such as contact information of the driver on the assignment.
  • Secure Delivery: on following our strict safety regulations, we realize the importance of delivering the loaded quantities securely.
  • Documentation: Our logistics team keep record of all necessary information through a comprehensive filing system for each client comprising of contact details, shipment schedules and other information. By creating such a reliant business solution, BMIC aims at keeping an open channel of communication with clients as well as avoiding any obstacles that may arise.
  • Monthly appraisals: Our teams perform monthly appraisals for the delivery process to assess the performance during this period and, in turn, the procedure is corrected accordingly.