Al Tameer AL Tashteebat Cement CEM II ASTM C270 (Class O)

Starting November 2022, BMIC launched its new (AL Tashteebat Cement) in also a strategic step to diversify its market products with a new 100% economical product one

It is Construction cement for finishing Cement mortar for all types of finishes and

Material capable of satisfying a variety of diverse requirements single

Mortar mix that satisfies all situations


Perfect cement mortar


  • Perfect operability for perfect finishes
  • 100% economical product – with the lowest waste percentage – especially for roofing works
  • Final surfaces without cracks and suitable for different types of finishes
  • Increasing the consistency and hardness of cement


 Used in all types of finishes:

  • All finishing works with cement and cement spraying
  • Ceramic installations
  • Brick buildings
  • In addition to repair work in finishes, electrical and sanitary installations


  It is not used in buildings foundation and reinforced concrete works

Standard Specifications:

    American Standard ASTM C270 (Class O)

  • Compressive Strength after 28 Days:

                   ≥ 24.4 kg/Cm²        or       ≥ 2.4      (MPa)    

  • Water Retention, min, %

        ≥ 75%

  • Air Content, max, %

      ≤ 14 0  

Environmental considerations:

    It is advised not to get rid of its dumping in the streams of water, drainage, or agricultural soil, but rather to follow        the instructions of local environmental bodies

 Instructions for optimal use:

  For good results, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Sand is added to the product according to the type of finishing: ‎
  1.      It is must be considered to wash the sand before the mixing process
  2.     It should be considered to ensure that the sand not containing any clay and organic impurities
  3.     It is preferable to procedure the dry mixing process with sand well to ensure the homogeneity of the dry Components before adding the mixing water.
  • It is preferable to use clean water without any salts, and in general, drinking water can be used.
  • Covering the sacks must be considered in wet and rainy weather.‎
  • Covering the sacks must be taken into account in wet and rainy weather.‎
  • يجب مراعاة تغطية الأكياس في الأجواء الرطبة والممطرة.
  • Covering the sacks should be taken into account in wet and rainy weather
  • يجب مراعاة تغطية الأكياس في الأجواء الرطبة والممطرة

يتعذّر تحميل النتائج بالكامل.

إعادة المحاولة

جارٍ إعادة المحاولة…

يتعذّر تحميل النتائج بالكامل.

إعادة المحاولة

جارٍ إعادة المحاولة…

  • The number of rows when storing should not exceed ten rows
Date: January 22, 2023
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