Al Tameer Cement CEM I (42.5 N).

BMIC’s cement product bears the market brand name “Al Tameer”, which is Arabic for construction. Al Tameer is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) with the CEM I (42.5 N).

OPC is the most common type of cement in general use around the world and the most active component of concrete. Originally extracted from Limestone, OPC’s name is derived from its similarity to Portland stone, a type of building stone that was quarried on the Isle of Portland, in Dorset, England. With the final product being a fine, grey powder, OPC is the result of grinding a dry mixture made up of clinker and gypsum to become”hydraulic cement (cement that not only hardens by reacting with water but also forms a water-resistant product).


 During construction processes, OPC is mixed with water, which helps for it to harden. This initial setting lends OPC its characteristics of strength, water resistance and durability.


Al Tameer Cement is used as a construction material in a multitude of applications from sidewalks and water tanks, to buildings and bridges. It can also be used in relevant construction industries, as prefabricated concrete units, to produce hollow and solid blocks, tiles as well as railway line concrete supports.

Shelf Time

It is recommended to re-test the product after six weeks of production date

Safety recommendations

1-Avoid contact with eyes and skin since it may cause allergic reactions

2-Gloves, goggles, and a filter mask should be used for protection, and hands should be washed after contact

3-After any cement sets, the hardened mass loses chemical reactivity and can be safely touched without gloves.


Available in standard packing of 50 KG in paper bag, jumbo plastic bags of 500Kg/ 1000Kg/ 1500Kg, or in bulk as per requirement of users.


Cement should preferably be stored in dry places, on elevated wooden planks to keep piles away from moist ground

For extra safety during rain, or when the bags are to be stored for long periods, cover the pile with a polythene sheet

Keep the stacked pile up to a maximum of 10 bags high


Available in standard packing of 50 KG in paper bag, jumbo plastic bags of 500Kg/ 1000Kg/ 1500Kg, or in bulk as per requirement of users.

Cleaning cement off tools

Before setting, cement could be easily washed off with running water.

After setting, using mechanical methods


It is advisable and recommended to follow local environmental instructions and regulations during the disposal of cement. It is not to be disposed of into water or arable soil

Production Capacity

Al Tameer production line started operations in 2012 with an intended production capacity reaching 1.5 million tons annually. The production line has been built with development phases planned and underway for both increased production as well as increased varieties of cement products

Standard specifications

Egyptian CEM (42.5N) (ES. 1- 4756 / 2013)

    British CEM (42.5N) (EN 197-1 /2011)

    American (ASTM C150) type 1

Date: June 12, 2022
Al Tameer Cement Portland Cement

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